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I am Martin Raum, Associate Professor at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden. Starting January 2016 I hold a Ungar Forskare grant by Vetenskapsrådet. From 2012 to 2014, I held an ETH Postdoctoral Fellowship, which was cofinanced by the Marie Curie Actions for People COFUND Program. I am former PhD student of Don B. Zagier at MPI for Mathematics in Bonn.

Reseach interests

My major research interests are modular forms and their applications in mathematics and physics. More specifically, I am interested in

Major grants


Some of my publications come along with software or data. See the download section.

Note that the versions of my paper on arXiv or HAL usually do not coincide with published revisions, if not indicated otherwise. For some journals, I strongly recommend to use arXiv version.

Research Publications




Various Publications


Former preprints no longer intended for publication



PhD Students


I teach a course on High Performance Computing (TMA881, MMA620) during the 1st term 2019/20.

Given Courses


The maximal discrete extension of the Hermitian modular group

The script to compuate generators of the maximal discrete extension and the associated fields of definition.

Modular forms of real-arithmetic types

The scripts to compute Hecke operators and to compute saturations.


The build script and the stack-yaml file.

“On Direct Integration for Mirror Curves of Genus Two and an Almost Meromorphic Siegel Modular Form”

The Sage scripts used to compute Fourier expansions, and the resulting data.

“Computing Genus 1 Jacobi Forms”

The expansions of vector valued modular forms that I computed.

“M24 - Twisted Product Expansions are Siegel Modular Forms”

The Sage code used to compute the results, and the resuls in machine readable form.

The modular forms framework

A recent version of the modular forms framework, integrated into PSage, is available on GitHub. It does not, however, include all available implementations. PSage by now is dead. The modular forms framework does not compile with recent Sage anymore.

“Computing Borcherds Products”

Example code and results that was used in this publication. Use my hermitian branch of Purple Sage.

“Kohnen’s limit process for real-analytic Siegel modular forms”

Sage files containing the computer assisted proofs.

“Efficiently generated spaces of modular forms and the Böcherer conjecture”

Data coming with this paper.


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